Airspa With Device Tms 16 Hepa Air Purifier


Product- Airspa With Device Tms 16 Hepa Air Purifier With Unique 6 Stage Filtration + Remote Control

Airspa Air Purifier works on Clean Air Delivery Rate (Cadr) at 180 M³ per hour, and Hepa Filter, that traps pollutants of size 0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency rate.

It works with A Unique Honeycomb Coconut Shell activated design containing live Charcoal Granuals, blocks gases and odors and removes cigarette smoke, pet & sweat odors or other harmful gases Etc.

It has featured with Digital Display with control buttons, Remote control, sleep mode, wind speed adjustment, timer mode and best in class 6-stage filtration system. It's Smart Uv & Anion Mode and Odor Sensor made this more desirable.

This Airspa With Device Tms 16 Hepa Air purifier is easy to use, durable and reliable. It keep you protected from indoor pollution. So, go ahead and breathe fresh.

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