AmazonBasics 564L Frost Free Refrigerator


The AmazonBasics refrigerator comes from the home brand of Amazon itself. This amazing black refrigerator is available with great capacity and decorated with all needy features and presented a perfect refrigerator in the market.

AmazonBasics side by side frost free refrigerator is designed with great energy saving ratings. This refrigerator is delivered prominent performance and easy on the pocket. The AmazonBasics has most leading freezer along with toughened glass shelves in the fridge compartments.

This home appliance is decorated with a modern feature, the temperature and cooling technology ensure the right amount of cooling in every corner.

Let’s have a look for the refrigerator. It has a beautiful premium black glass door finish. The right-side of the refrigerator has the Amazon branding which looks very elegant. Middle of the device is ornamented with a water dispenser. The left door has a LED display control on it. Inside the right side door has 4 shelves including water dispensing container. The left door inside has also 4 shelves.

It comes with LED lights for the fridge and freezer compartment making it easy to locate the things inside the fridge. The left side of the refrigerator belongs to the freezer and the right side of the appliance belongs to the regular fridge. Both of the sides of the refrigerator have separate LED lights on the top of the unit.

AmazonBasics refrigerator

The AmazonBasics side by side frost-free refrigerator comes with a capacity of 564 liters. This spacious unit is ideal for the daily requirements of a family with 5 or more members. The refrigerator keeps the food items remains healthy and fresh for long.

AmazonBasics 564 liter frost free side by side refrigerator with water dispenser. The refrigerator comes with ample storage space, it has multiple shelves and pull-out drawers for additional storage space and easy access.

AmazonBasics refrigerator is reached with A+ energy-saving technology that reduces the energy consumption and gives relief on your electricity bills. This refrigerator holds 4-star energy efficiency, despite its large size, it delivers effective cooling with minimum power consumption.

The refrigerator is equipped with a super cooling and a freeze function that pampers the food efficiently. The quick freeze feature turns water into ice in no time and super cooling feature helps to keep food items last longer.

AmzonBasics side by side refrigerator

The refrigerator comes with a multi-airflow system to ensures smooth airflow into the storage compartments for uniform cooling. This feature maintains even temperature inside and circulates cool air in every corner of the refrigerator.

It also comes with precise temperature control that allows you to set and maintain the correct temperature inside the refrigerator. It is recommended to switch on the product at least 5-hours after delivery.

It comes with a water dispenser allowing you to have cold water without opening the refrigerator door every time. The automatic defrost technology the refrigerator prevents the excess ice buildup inside. Water dispenser and auto defrost technology that prevents excess ice buildup automatically.

It features an inbuilt LED display panel that allows instant control and access of the temperature settings making it convenient and easy to use. The refrigerator is not just aesthetically design but also uses a compressor that makes minimal noise making it suitable for your home.

This refrigerator has endured a Child-lock feature, which makes it safe when kids are around the appliance. It keeps away your child to eat dessert when you are not around. The door alarm function alerts you if the refrigerator door is left open accidentlly for a long time.

This AmazonBasics refrigerator comes with adjustable legs allowing you to set it at the desired level. This product also comes with 15m plug, in case of required you can use a conversion adaptor for 5 Amp socket.

The retail box of this refrigerator is packed with the main unit, user manual and warranty card.

It comes with a warranty of 1-year on product and 5-years on the compressor. In case you received the product in a condition that is damaged or defective, the product is eligible for the 10-days return or replacement.

The AmazonBasic side by side frost free refrigerator is overloaded with modern technologies and refrigerations. The unit is a high quality product and available at a good price.

In terms of quality, durability and appearance are superb. Most of the users feel happy to own this product. delivery was on the time, and service given by the company by the company is appreciable. AmazonBasics refrigerator is a great product in this range.

AmazonBasics 564 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator Specifications

Specifications Details
🧾 Model No AB2019RF002
🎛️ Function Type Frost Free Refrigerator
🧳 Capacity 564 Liters
🚪 Door Type Side-by-Side Door
🗄️ Shelf Type Toughened Glass
🔸 Dimension 64 X 178 X 91 cm
📝 Warranty
  • 1-Years on product
  • 10 years on compressor
  • ✅ Pros
  • Featured with door alarm
  • Loaded with multi-airflow which ensures cooling throughout the refreigerator evenly
  • Featured with adjustable legs to set the refrigerator at desired level
  • ❌ Cons
  • The product is expensive
  • It doesn’t have inbuilt stabilizer

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