Bajaj Mejesty 16-Liter Oven Toaster Grill


Bajaj Mejesty 1603 T Oven Toaster Grill comes with the capacity of 16 liters, perfect for all activities like baking, toasting and grilling. This OTG is sure to bring a whole new feeling to your cooking experience, with its modern design and easy functionality.

he body of the product is power coated, the front panel has three separated dials for element, temperature and timer that provide you ability to choose the perfect settings for your dish. It includes a user-friendly designed grill that can be used during cooking.

It comes with a grill rack and a set of skew rods for all those delicious dishes, baking tray, a pair of tongs for easy use and a crumb tray. This OTG is designed to deliver superior performance and decorate the kitchen with its functionality.

The product comes with 1-year warranty, and working on the power of 1200 W. working properly, easy to use product and worth money.

As the product is from Bajan Majesty its simply superb. As good as expected to be. Buyers reviewed the Bajaj OTG as the first-time user they were trying with this and proved as best choice for beginning.

Bajaj OTG is good value for money, versatile product in this price range, and it has variety of cooking option foe the people who love to cook.

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