Women Thong Footwear


Product- Liberty Senorita from LAF-101_ Beige Women Thong

The thong slippers are extremely fashionable and very comfortable footwear. They can be styled with any Indian and western outfit, Pair them with your smart casuals to enhance your look. Perfect footwear for office going and college going.

The footwear is made of synthetics materials and have cushioned insole that prevent the feet from getting tired even after walking for ling hours. They are lightweight and provide you a carefree walking experience.

This pair of footwear is comfortable and fall in line with demand for the latest fashion trend. This is an affordable, stylish and trendy this footwear from gliders are must have to your footwear collection. Its sole is made of durable material which ensure that footwear does not easily give away to wear and tear.

This is a perfect pair of thong footwear. The footwear is really liked by its users. They admire the product and it is decent and comfortable as well, it fits perfectly. This footwear has an elegant look as you dreamed for. Overall the product is worth buying and recommended.

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