Daikin Room Air Purifier (White)


Product- Daikin MC30 Room Air Purifier (White)

The Daikin Air Purifier is powerful air purifier to clean your room or office with true electrostatic HEPA technology while being whisper silent. This Purifier covers the area up to 231 Sq. Ft and Suitable for bedroom/ living room (medium).

Smart Air Purifier functioned with Auto Mode, Pollen Mode and Turbo Mode, Live pollution tracking through 3 color LED indicator and it switches off intelligently when there is no pollution. (Eco Mode).

The purifier Removes 99.97% allergens and fine particles up to size 2.5 micro meter which is less than 3% of human hair. Electrostatic technology helps in less filter clogging which reduces the filter replacement frequency. Special Carbon coated odor filter removes bad smell from the room and gives you fresh air to breathe.

This is smart machine and tracks pollution level to adjust air purification speed and also show you current pollution level through LED indicator. With various features, Daikin CM30 is best machine for small rooms and offices.

It Includes inside the box, Air Purifier, Filters and Manual. The product comes with 1 year product Warranty from the date of purchase.

This air purifier works perfectly, it cleans air amazingly, Great works, no noise, powerful. Can go on for days. LED indicator Color changed according to air quality. Overall nice product and true value for money.

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