Duroflex Balance - Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress (Double Size)


Duroflex mattress brand is a sleep expert, it has been enabling the heavenly sleep with modern advanced technologies, impressive designs and supreme innovations. It’s one of the best sleep active mattresses. They have more than 50-years’ experience in mattress production. In this blog we are going to review Duroflex Balance - Orthopaedic Certified 6 Inch Double Size Memory Foam Mattress.

It is India’s largest exporter of sleep products and they manufacture mattress on a large scale. They produce rubberized coir mattress, foam mattress, memory foam mattress, inner spring mattress and natural latex mattress. They have expanded their contribution and technologies in this field and succeed to deliver the best mattress. And delivers Duroflex memory foam healthy mattress in India.

Duroflex presenting one of a kind duropedic range of mattresses, it not only comforts you but provides you spine support and back relief as well. You can get certified orthopedic support with balance mattress. Duraflex balance is an advanced orthopedic mattress from our duropedic range, India’s only certified orthopedic mattress range.

It is inspired by the needs of our body a different density of forma scientifically chosen for each zone. The mattress giving complete comfort support and postural alignment to your body. This futuristic layer has foam layers of different firmness. This Duroflex balance memory foam is designed specially for back sleepers.  

This is possible because of scientific layer engineered prone support system a 5-zoned orthopedic support layer. This layer adjusts itself to give the right amount of support to each of the 5 zones of your body.

This orthopedic mattress fitted with rebonded foam and ortho foam core topped with memory foam which provides ideal back support and not sagging with usage. It is a firm mattress, it is featured with exclusive 5 zoned duro hexil support layer which is tested and recommended by the trusted orthopedists at the national health academy.

Duroflex Balance Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress’s firmer top layer provides support for the back and optimal spinal alignment and the bottom layer acts as a comfort layer. The orthopedic layer is the protection your back and body need to rejuvenate at the end of a stressful day. This layer dispenses body pressure gives massaging effect enhancing blood circulation and providing muscle relaxation.

This mattress is backed by many orthopaedical tests and certified by the national health academy making. It is the preferred choice of the leading orthopedics in our country. At an advanced level, our body can be divided into 5-zones, each zone needs a different level of support as they exert different weights.

These are- head and neck zone (10%), shoulder zone & upper back (25%), lower back and hips (40%), upper leg & knee (15%) and lower leg and ankle zone (10%).  This 5-zone Europe IDI claire has 5 unique zones to provide differentiated support to each of the five zones of your body resulting in the most advanced orthopedic body support and perfect spinal alignment.

The formation of the mattress is quite impressive and unbeatable. The base of this mattress is a special sandwiched layer made of ortho foam and high-density bonded foam. This strong sandwich layer acts as the support layer for the mattress, it provides better reinforcement and enhanced durability.

The memory foam layer on top acts as the comfort and pressure relief layer for this mattress. Memory foam takes the shape of your body, the moment you lay down on it. It distributes your body pressure evenly for better blood circulation and deeply beneficial sleep. The memory foam layer in this mattress is extra-special, it is incorporated with heat absorption technology.

Duroflex Balance Orthopedic Mattress (internal Structure)

Heat absorption technology is a NASA certified space technology exclusive to duroflex. It uses phase change material from outlasting, which has the unique property of regulating body temperature through the night. This way your body is 52%cooler neither too hot nor too cold, resulting in deep healthy and sweat free sleep.

This duroflex mattress comes with 7-years manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defect from the date of purchase.

Duroflex mattress provides luxurious comfort that meets unbeatable support in this orthopedic mattress with memory foam which provide perfect body contouring and best pressure relief. The core of the mattress features the exclusive 5-zoned certified orthopedic support, which has been tested and certified by the national health academy (NHA).

With this mattress, your back will get optimum orthopedic support repairing your day’s wear and tear and preparing you for your long day ahead. This mattress is a proficiently orthopedic mattress which brings unbeatable comfortable sleep. Its finest manufacturing helps you to relax & rejuvenate and provide you with a fresh wake up.

Backslappers can enjoy this mattress and it provides good comfort to them. When you shift from a normal orthopedic mattress to do reflects is futuristic 5-zone FPS system mattress, your back will get optimum orthopedic support repairing your body and wake you up fresh.

You can buy this super comfortable duroflex mattress online in India from duroflex mattress manufacturers, any e-commerce website and amazon.in. If you will go with amazon, it will be more beneficial for you. At amazon, duroflex memory foam mattress is available with a good discount.

Duroflex mattress is the only mattress which is known for genuinely and positive feedback. It is an amazing mattress, really good for sleep, neither too soft, nor too hard. This orthopedic mattress is a healthy mattress in India and provide relief, great comfort for back pain, really light in weight which makes it very easy to lift.

This mattress is covered with high-quality fabric for rejuvenating sleep experience. It is committed to following the highest safety and hygiene standards. It’s a balance mattress for everyday posture correction. The mattress is tested and recommended by prominent orthopedists. It has a good reputation due to its fantastic technology and services.

Duroflex Balance - 5 Zoned Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Specifications

Specifications Details
🛏️ Size Double Size
🔁 Style Firm
🎛️ Primary material Memory foam
🔸 Dimension 183 x 122 x 15.2 cm
🧱 Weight 10.5Kg
📝 Warranty 7 years manufacturer warranty
✅ Pros
  • This mattress is tested and recommended by reputed orthopaedists in India.
  • Its special multi-layered foam design provides perfect body contouring
  • Its perfect structure provides better reinforcement and enhanced durability
  • ❌ Cons
  • It is a Non-flexible mattress

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