Faber Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW 60 kitchen chimney


Product- Faber 60 cm 1095 ft3/h Chimney (Hood Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW 60, Black)

Faber introduces a revolution in chimneys, presenting Faber Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW 60 kitchen chimney. Faber 3D Hoods is ornamented with the worlds T2S2 technology 3-way suction. This chimney packs with various advance and user-friendly features at does much more than a normal chimney.

Faber is India’s number one brand of chimneys in the market of built-in appliances for the last 20 years. Faber is best chimney brand in India, to know more about the product, let's get into its features.

The triangular silent suction technology provides a 3D suction with 2 extra benches on the top of the chimney. Faber hood feel plus has fitted with excellent features and it’s a perfect combination of technology, looks and performance. The triple layer baffle filter, glass body and touch control panel made the product more desirable.

Faber hood comes with a powerful motor to remove smoke and grease from the kitchen. The suction of the chimney is directly dependent on motor power, Faber uses a 250w motor which is higher than the wattage of motors used by other chimney brands in the market. Being powerful it ensures for long durability and low-noise.

Most of the chimney’s suction comes from the filters mounted at the bottom of the chimney. Faber’s 3D T2S2 suction technology provides a 3-way suction through its unique filter arrangement at the bottom and at both sides of the chimney. The 3-way suction chimney scoops out the smoke faster and left with the better grease and noise reduction.


This auto clean kitchen chimney is the world’s only chimney that provides 25% higher suction area, 15% better grease capture and 15% lower noise at compare to any known 3D chimney. This 3D chimney provides a powerful solution to remove all the pollution from the kitchen. It is effective in the right smoky kitchen and efficient to maintain a good atmosphere.

This 60 cm wall mounted Fabre hood plus 3D kitchen chimney is suitable for a cooking platform with 2-4 gas stove burner. It covers almost all the burner area from all sides properly and ensures for an odor-less and fresh atmosphere.

In the Indian kitchen, the kind of food that is cooked infuses a lot of residue in the air. With spices and oil being used almost everything the chimneys tend to deposit a substantial amount of grease and dirt, that’s very hard to clean.

This chimney comes with an auto cleaning technology, it cleans your kitchen with a single touch of a button. It collects all the impurities, food particles and oil residues in the oil collector container that is detachable and easy to clean.

Faber auto clean kitchen chimneys are known for their superior suction technology. This chimney model comes with 1095 m3/hr suction power for smoke free kitchen. it is perfect large size kitchen and high frying and grilling.

Faber’s patented 3 layered baffle filer technology creates an impenetrable barrier for the grease. Manufactured from stainless steel to last for a long time span, it is designed in a way that the vapour released from the heats suddenly chop and change direction separating grease particles which dumped into the filter. This seamless grease separation ensures a longer life for the motor. It can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher or by hand.

This auto clean kitchen chimney comes with best in class 3 plus intensive speed touch control panel with a delay timer. Its unique manufacturing process ensures that there are no possibilities of accidentally turning the machine while cleaning of the front panel of the chimney. It empowers with one touch and the kitchen hood changed into an easy and effortless product to operate.

The responsive touch panel gels in perfectly well with the overall ecstatic of the product. For example, long pressing the 2nd button turn on a 30 m timer that makes the chimney go off after 30 minutes. You can even increase the intensity of the suction by long pressing the bottom marked 3. This chimney also enhances the aesthetic values of your kitchen.


The Faber hood 3D plus chimney is decorated with 2 energy efficient LED lamps for better illumination of your countertop. Provide perfect light of the amount of light during cooking.

You can focus on your cooking without any disturbance because it works almost silently. The lesser noise level produces a calm environment in the kitchen. The maximum noise of the chimney is measured 62 decibels only during operations.

The premium black color, the toughened glass finish offers style and powerful performance at the same time. Faber is the original inventor of domestic kitchen chimneys, based in Italy and sold a crossed the world.

This unique design also makes the extraction easier without making much noise. You can easily clean it in your dishwasher or even with your hands.  Faber is introducing life time warranty on its chimneys. Faber comes on a comprehensive warranty of 1-year and additional 10 years warranty on the motor, and the rotor blade for all its products.

To sum it all up, Faber feel touch control chimney will be an ideal help for your family on an everyday basis in no time. The chimney escapes all smoke that the vent gets pulled in as it rises. This is the product that not change only the market but also change the lives of people, it’s time to cook in a healthier smoke free environment.

The stainless-steel triple baffle filter, durable, easy to clean and maintain. The chimney has the efficiency of a transformer to a smoky kitchen into a fresh and clean environment. It enhances your kitchen into a best cooking place for sure.

Faber Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW 60 kitchen chimney Specification

Specifications Details
🧾 Model No Hood Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW 60
🧽 Cleaning Auto-clean
🥌 Size 60 cm
🔁 Suction Capacity 1095 m3/hour
📢 noise 62 dB
📝 Warranty
  • 10-Years on motor
  • 1 year on Product
  • ✅ Pros
  • Chimney is very effective in removing odor
  • Backed with 3-layer baffle filters
  • ❌ Cons
  • Not a good fit for kitchens bigger than 200 square feet

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