Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini


The story portrayal in Afghanistan, it revolves around the friendship of Amir and Hassan. Amir is the son of a wealthy Pashtun business man, and Hassan, a Hazara is the son of Amir’s family servant. The two were the best of friends.

Each winter, all of Kabul celebrates a kite tournament. Boys and young men fly kites and try to cut each other's strings until one kite is left in the sky. In a kite running competition, Hassan plays the kite runner for Amir and they end up winning the tournament. This gave jealousy in Assef, he feels lowermost rung of the society. He took revenge from Hassan and brutally rapes him. In spite of looking him after, Amir watched from the shadows, wishing he had the courage to help his friend.

Amir's lack of courage and loyalty ate up their friendship. After that they faced a political crisis, As a result of it in Afghan, Amir leaves for America along with his father. The same incident haunt him for years until he got a phone call from an old friend and realizes that ‘there is a way to be good again’. This story portrayal of  beauty of relationships, particularly of friendship, betrayal, agony and sacrifices.

Khaled Hosseini is An Afghan-American novelist and physician. A writer who practiced over 10 years before becoming a full time writer post the success of his debut novel.

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