Koryo 509L Inverter Technology Refrigerator (KSBS549INV)


Product- Koryo 509 L Frost Free Side by Side Inverter Technology Refrigerator (Silver, KSBS549INV)

Koryo introduces an innovative Koryo 509L frost free side by side inverter technology refrigerator (KSBS549INV) with the best segment of freeze and freezer. It holds the freshness of food and keeps them garden-fresh & hygienic. It has complemented by various pleasing features and became one of the most desired refrigerators ever.

Koryo 509L slim side by side refrigerator is stylish enough to make jaws drop. This refrigerator looks very stylish and it adds new decorum into your modular kitchen or your living space. Frost free side by side refrigerator’s auto defrosts stops excess ice buildup in the refrigerator. The Slim design of this refrigerator adds a beauty factor in your modular kitchen

The refrigerator has a specific storage compartments for particular things. It has double vegetable box and a freezer box. These refrigerator’s boxes are enough to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh. It is also armed with 3 toughened glass shelves and 4 door bins each side. Now you can keep your maximum amount of edible fresh for a longer period.

Koryo refrigerator is a complete set of sections and the whole unit is well organized to accommodate your groceries, beverages, dairy products and frozen food as well. It also has a twist ice tray which is placed well. You can bring out the box and use the ice box as a container.

The refrigerator has LED lights in  both compartments freezer and fridge to illuminates the interior of the refrigerator. The doorline of the refrigerator is fitted by a removable anti-bacterial gasket that prevents the refrigerator from bacteria and maintains hygiene & freshness.

Koryo 509L side by side refrigerator

The Koryo KSBS549INV refrigerator has a digital screen display on the right door which works on touch button control super freeze refrigerator function. The display shows the temperature status and lets you control easily.

It comes with an amazing storage capacity of 509-literswhich is suitable for middle or large families. The refrigerator sections are parted in fresh food capacity of 305-liters and freezer capacity 205-liters. The ample space let you enjoy and store food and drinks.

Multi-digital sensors in this refrigerator sense both internal and external temperature and monitors & adjust the temperature settings. The sensors observe the condition and maintain the cooling settings for stored food.

Koryo refrigerator comes with multi-flow air technology circulates the cool air uniformly with air vents. It makes sure to cool every corner of the refrigerator and your food and beverages will stay fresh and healthy for long. It avoids bad odors and mixing the smell and maintains the natural smell of the edibles for long.

The inverter compressor made this home appliance energy efficient and ensures lower energy consumption. It also creates less noise and keeps the device more durable.

The refrigerator is complemented by holiday mode. This holiday mode feature provides you with the freedom to leave your appliance on and go for a vacation. It let your freezer compartment on and the fridge compartment at a content temperature which helps the refrigerator to stay odor free. It consumes less energy on this mode.

It is equipped with eco-friendly R600a refrigerant. The Eco-friendly refrigerant doesn’t harm the environment and not contributes to depletion of ozone layer.

Koryo frost free side by side refrigerator

This refrigerator model comes with a child lock feature. It will keep your children away from the refrigerator when you are not around. The digital inverter technology (DIT) uses a minimum amount of energy and emits low noise. DIT automatically adjusts the compressor speed and response towards required cooling.

This refrigerator is designed for easy operations even without stabilizer. It doesn’t require to purchase any external stabilizer.

The retail box of the device comes with the main unit, user manual, warranty card, power cord and attachments.

This Koryo KSBS549INV frost free side by side inverter technology refrigerator comes with a reliable warranty period. It owns 1-year comprehensive warranty on the product and 10-years warranty on inverter compressor.

This refrigerator solves your all storage requirements and comes with efficient cooling and convenient storage. The space between the toughened glass shelves is enough to keep big vessels and cakes as well. These shelves are strong enough to hold heavy utensils.

This side by side refrigerator is an ideal solution for you with its ample storage to keep your all kinds of food fresh and healthy. It’s a user-friendly product, the digital display and multi-digital sensors work efficiently. It comes with a beautiful slimming model which fit the device in all modular kitchens and living areas.

Koryo KSBS549INV refrigerator keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh and clean. It ensures the device works with low energy consumption. The removable gasket helps to maintain hygiene in the refrigerator and its easy to clean. The moisture control fruits & vegetable crisper helps to maintain moisture and freshness on foodstuff.

Koryo 509 L frost free side by side inverter technology refrigerator (Silver, KSBS549INV) Specification

Specifications Details
🧾 Model No KSBS549INV
🎛️ Function Type Frost Free Refrigerator
🧳 Capacity 509 Liters
🚪 Door Type Side-by-Side Door
🗄️ Shelf Type Toughened Glass
🔸 Dimension 65.0 X 179 X 90.5 cm
📝 Warranty
  • 1-Years on product
  • 10 years on compressor
  • ✅ Pros
  • The smart inverter technology lower electricity bills
  • It has double vegetable box and a freezer box for storing maximum edible
  • Equipped with eco-friendly R600a refrigerant which made the refrigerator eco-friendly
  • ❌ Cons
  • The refrigerator has no water and ice dispenser

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