Nilkamal Econil 4-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress


A decent mattress is a priority for every good sleep. There are many brands in the field of providing the best mattress in the Indian market. As we know the market of home decor is not small, many options are opened for buying one mattress. But choosing one among them is a big struggle. In this race, we are coming with this Nilkamal brand.  

Nilkamal is the world’s largest manufacturer of furniture brand of India with huge network of stores and distributors. Furniture is a part of home interior, and occupies your home interior’s & adds charm and emotions. It is one of the most established brands known along with home decor messes.

After the furniture market, Nilkamal owns the best mattress also. They are presented the product high in quality and low in price range. Nilkamal has the products in all ranges and beats all customer's requirements.

Nilkamal Mattresses are available in all the 4 firmness (Medium Soft, Medium Firm, Firm, High Firm) in Spring, Coir and Foam at various price range. These mattresses are available in various attractive colors.  

People believe a good sleep is the best therapy to maintains your physical and mental state on the path. Everyone has a different taste and requirement, Nilkamal understands choice of a mattress is also important as well. To solve your that glitch, they are coming with 4-types of the mattress at present- coir mattress, spring mattress, foam mattress and orthopedic mattress.


Today we are going to review Nilkamal Econil bonnel springs mattresses. It is introduced you to have a supreme experience of a good night sleep. This mattress ensures long-durability and bounce of comfort. This mattress is a best deal for your money. Now you can enjoy a good sleep and comfort.

Nilkamal econil spring mattresses are available in other various sizes and thickness. It helps in reducing the pressure and provides relief in back pain. One of them we are discussing here. It comes in queen size with 4-inch.

This mattress is made from top quality material which ensures you to feel relaxed and durability. The top cover of the mattress is made of thick quit. It is soft in nature and working for you’re a good-night sleep and helps to avoid any muscle pain or backache. It’s good support to have a body’s lifelong health.

Preserves good ventilation this mattress benefits you and keep your body cool in hot weather. The primary construction layer is used in this mattress is known as high bonnel spring. The secondary layer is used is made of foam to provide a necessary counter position with any sleeping posture.

nilkamal mattress structure

The airflow goes through this mattress ensures its breath-ability and maintain hygiene. To provide complete protection the mattress has a premium cotton fabric cover. It’s good to support for your back.

Nilkamal mattress may add an artistic impact in your bedroom. The size of the mattress is 79 x 59 x 4 inches. This product doesn’t require any type of assembly, it is delivered in a pre-assembled state. The mattress can be ordered online via or the

Nilkamal is a complete home solution company, a household name and a part of millions of families across India. They are ensured in offering the finest product with best product service at a reasonable price.

The mattress demands little care and attention to stay long. If your mattress got stained or dirty you can clean it with surgical spirit or any mild detergent only. In case of thread coming out, do not pull with hands, use a scissor to cut.

Nilkamal Econil 4-inches bonnel spring mattress starts with a very economical price range. This Nilkamal mattress is protected by 2-years manufacturer warranty. The broken and loose coils and wires are covered in this warranty.


The spring mattresses are suitable for the hot climates because of its high durability. It absorbs the body heat and due to a combine air circulation, it ends with cool and comfortable cooling. They adjust your body and provides good support.

Nilkamal Econil spring mattress is a beautifully designed mattress with delighted aesthetics. Forming of the mattress is quite impressive and different. It comforts you all night and provide a fresh wake up.

The mattress has been a proof of Nilkamal’s fine commitment to being a home solution. It has earned consistent customer commitment and credibility in a short period. Keeping the requirements and desires in mind, the brand has developed a state of the art manufacturing facility and working ahead to lead this forward.

Nilkamal mattress is has anti-allergic properties enduring cleanse and hygiene all the time. This Nilkamal mattress is appropriate for Indian climate. This mattress provides an excellent contribution to your deep & comfortable sleep and wakes up fresh.

Nilkamal Econil 4-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress Specifications

Specifications Details
🛏️ Size Queen Bed Size
🔁 Style Firm
🎛️ Primary material Bonnel Spring
🔸 Dimension 200.7 x 149.9 x 10.2 cm
🧱 Weight 30 Kg
📝 Warranty 2 years manufacturer warranty
✅ Pros
  • This Mattress is perfect for shape your body
  • This product is available in economical price range.
  • A good option for those who desired a good sleep
  • ❌ Cons
  • It starts saggy early
  • Not a good for people who are suffering from backpain

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