Panasonic Super Mixer Grinder (MX-AC400)


Panasonic, a brand that offers a comprehensive range of kitchen and home appliances to garb all kinds of needs In India. The products from Panasonic comes with a huge reach of sizes and accessories. Through this blog, you will get to know the features, advantages and flaws of Panasonic super mixer grinder. It is one of the best and safest super Panasonic mixer grinder model in India.

Panasonic super mixer grinder comes in 5-different models, MX-AC210, MX-AC220, MX-AC300, MX-AC300S and MX-AC400. All of these models have common base models’ unit and different jar based on usage. In this blog, Freegullak going to revel about Panasonic MX-AC400 super mixer grinder which comes 550-watt power and 4 jars.

Panasonic super mixer grinder is available with 4-jars. The Panasonic mixer grinder jars available according to the usages are polycarbonate juicer jar, stainless steel blender jar, stainless steel mill jar and chutney jar. All the jars are designed with strong blades that can grind the toughest thing into dust within a few minutes. And modern sturdy handles that adds a beautiful and comfortable feature in it.

Among these, the blender jar is a 1.5-liter capacity and its available in rustproof stainless steel and in unbreakable polycarbonate material. The juicer jar is a 1.5-liter capacity and its available in unbreakable polycarbonate material. The mill jar is a 1.1-liter capacity and the chutney jar is a 400-ml capacity. These jars are also made of rustproof stainless-steel material.

These jars are also available in rustproof SS 304-great Salem stainless steel. All these jars are equipped with flow breaker jars, this helps in grinding things easily and quickly. These jars have self-lubricating oil-seal protection which protects the motor from water seepage and increases the life of mixer grinder.

Panasonic Super Mixer Grinder 500W

The juicer jar of Panasonic mixer grinder MX-AC400 has fantastically manufactured, it has on top of the jar placed a lid-cover, juice cap (to pour the juice), lid gasket (to prevent leakage), filter unit (to extract pulp), filter gasket (to hold pulp), the Japanese designed samurai edge blade, whipping plate, jar coupler, spatula, and a fruit pusher.

The usage of this kitchen appliance is very easy. The first juicer, it has a unique lid-locking system. Starts with the place the blade into the jar by holding the Panasonic mixer grinder coupler and twist the blade anticlockwise with the help of spatula. Now place inside the jar whatever you need to grind and place the lid above the jar and press and closed firmly. Now place the jar in the mixer with the help of arrow mark on the jar.

Only if the lid-locks into the jar and the jar into the mixer will this mixer grinder be switched on if either one of them not locked correctly your mixer will not be switched on. The double safety system ensures you did not switch on your mixer accidentally. It makes your kitchen a safe kitchen.

This Panasonic mixer grinder contains a 550-watt powerful heavy-duty motor with magic seal protection. It can grind the toughest ingredients easily without getting heat. These other unique three speed switch and pulse attractive piano type switches have the switch on and switch off the mixer and also helps in easy operations.

The Panasonic super mixer grinder has been designed for safe and easy use. The entire unit is made of fibre retardant material, there is no fear of any fire accidents. Under the mixer unit, here is the circuit breaker switch. When you using the mixer, if there is an overload in the jar the circuit break stops the motor. To reset reduced the contents in the jar by half, wait for 3-minutes and reset the circuit breaker switch.

Panasonic mixer grinder

To maintain your Panasonic mixer grinder for long follow these easy tricks, to fixed into or removed the plate from the jar and to take food out from jar use spatula. Panasonic mixer grinder chutney jar has permanently fixed blade. So not try to remove it. Do not run the mixer with an empty jar. Do not grind anything which is too hot.

Do not place the mixer at stoves and other hot surfaces. Do not run the mixer continuously for a long time. If needed run with a 3-minutes gap. Protects the safety pin lock and the bottom of the jar from accumulating dirt. When handling the blades please be very careful as it is very sharp and strong. Protect the mixer from water, to keep the mixer use a mild detergent.

You can remove the lid gasket separately and clean it, but fixing it back make sure the flap seats underneath the lock. To clean the jar, pull lukewarm water in the jar and run it for 10-seconds in pulse mode. Wipe the jar and lid with the clean cloth and store it upside down.

This Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder with 4-Jar comes with the warranty of 2-years on product and 5-years warranty on the motor from the date of purchase. The package of the product included with your mixer grinder a recipe book, the operation manual, the authorized service center list and warranty card.

You can buy this kitchen appliance from your nearest electronic store, online store and e-commerce website. If you visit Amazon for the same product you can get this mixer grinder at a reasonable price with a great discount.

This Panasonic super mixer grinder is a perfect kitchen companion for people who are passionate about cooking and experimenting with food. It delivers perfect spice grinding, wet grinding, meat mincing, ice-crushing, egg beating, coffee grinding, coconut milk extraction, blending and juicing as well.

The double safety lock system never let your dry or wet ingredient spill out during operations. And it doesn’t allow the customer to start the appliance if the mixer jar and mixer lid are not set and locked properly.

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars (Black) Specifications

Specifications Details
🏺 Number of Jar 3 Stainless steel jars + 1 blender jar
🔁 Operational Way operating at low noise level
🔌 Power Supply 230 Volts
🔸 Dimension 53 x 22.5 x 41 cm
🧱 Weight 6.55 Kg
📝 Warranty
  • 2-years warranty on product
  • 5-years warranty on motor
  • ✅ Pros
  • It comes with excellent safety features
  • Equipped with unique interlocking System which avoids spillage
  • The 550-watt motor equipped with 100% copper winding
  • ❌ Cons
  • It doesn't have silent feature

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