Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder


Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder is a wonderful kitchen appliance which makes your work quick. You can save your time by using this mixer grinder and it can help you to do citrus press, flour kneading, chopping, slicing, grating and lots of works with just one touch.

Preethi mixer grinder is a perfect kitchen partner and, in this blog, we are going to review Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-watt mixer grinder which hits the best mixer grinder list in India. This mixer is suitable for big and small family usages, compact and quick to deliver the best results.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-watt mixer grinder is a powerful home appliance with 5 multipurpose jars. Preethi mixer is an innovative mixer grinder in India with all latest features and inbuilt specifications within.

It also features a three-in-one Insta-fresh juice jar which has the ability to deliver centrifugal juicing, blending and super abstraction in the same jar. It can handle all the ingredients from a smooth puree, smoothies and heavy batters.

The mixer grinder looks classy in its tripod design and black and light grey color. The outer body is made of ABS plastic which is tougher than other plastic material, the body is made of high-quality plastic material which avoids the scare of rust and made the appliance durable as well. It is light in weight and easy to clean.

Bottom of this Zodiac MG 218 750W mixer grinder is made of anti-skid rubber which ensures the appliance stays on the place without sliding. The static base provides a sturdy mount and vibration-free operations.

preethi zodic 750w mixer grider

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-watt mixer grinder comes with 5 unique jars including 3 stainless steel jars with juicer and blender. These jars have different capacities including the capacity of 1.5L wet jar, 1L dry jar, 0.5L chutney jar as well.

The master chef + jar has a capacity of 2.1L and the fruit jar is 1.2L capacity, and they both are made of the transparent plastic body. These are used for grinding, juicing operations along with specific functions.

Zodiac mixer grinder jars are the perfect combination for your all grinding requirements. Its three-in-one Insta fresh fruit jar allows you to filter the pulp and drain the juice out effortlessly even without having off the jar lid. The master chef jar features feeder tube to blending and grinding safely and smoothly.

These jars have super sharp blades and are made of stainless steel that can grind anything in seconds. It has also a large control knob to operate the different speed levels, as Preethi zodiac mixer has 3-speed settings.

It has equipped with Vega W5 750W powerful hybrid motor. This powerful motor can grind the toughest ingredient within minutes. It can grind continuously 30 minutes with ease. This mixer grinder runs on the powerful Vega W5 motor with some noise. It operates at 80 dB level of noise which is acceptable for it.

It is also secured with overload indicator which is placed at the bottom of the appliance that indicates in case of overload. The color of the indicator got change from blue to red in case of overloaded with the ingredient. The changed light indicates that the motor has stumbled and need to be done a reset. It works perfectly at the power of 230V AC ~ 50Hz.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-watt mixer grinder

Preethi zodiac mixer grinder is available at a good price in the market place. You can have this awesome device from your nearest electronic shop or from e-commerce websites at a good price. You can also buy this mixer grinder from Amazon with a best discount deal.

Preethi Grinder comes with a good warranty period. It has owned a 2-years warranty on the product and 5-years on the motor. This product doesn’t require any kind of installation. It comes in ready to use condition.

The product may produce some burning smell during its first run, it's normal for a while. This happens due to the motor varnish getting heated for the first time. It should not recur in successive uses. But in case it does please contact the service center.

Preethi Zodiac MG is one of the best mixer grinders in India, it has also can be glimpsed by the positive response and ratings at Amazon, the product has earned 4.1-star ratings out of 5, by over 3600 customer reviews. The high star ratings are witness of its good quality and service.

This Preethi Zodiac mixer can be a great cooking companion and food processor for you in your kitchen. It has best sharp and multi-functional blades, master chef plus jar and three-in-one instant fresh juicer, that is sufficient to do anything in your kitchen area. It can do anything you desire from preparing the dough to making tasty smoothies. It completes all tasks like the mixing, grinding or juicing quickly and in an efficient manner.

Its elegant design and beautiful color that will add beauty to the kitchen. Zodiac mixer grinder is capable of chopping your vegetables finely, slicing, grating and kneading in no time. It saves your time and energy by doing great work. First time in a mixer grinder a citrus press has placed. This stylish mixer grinder will complete your cooking with swag.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 5 Jars (Black/ Light Grey) Specifications

Specifications Details
🏺 Number of Jar 5-Jars
🔁 Operational Way Vibration free operation
🔌 Operating Voltage 230V AC ~ 50 Hz
🔸 Dimension 63.6 x 34.6 x 33.2 cm
🧱 Weight 8.62 Kg
📝 Warranty
  • 2 years product warranty
  • 5-years motor warranty
  • ✅ Pros
  • It has 5 Separate Jars for different uses and grinding easily
  • The body of this mixer grinder has tripod design which looks very classy and enhances your kitchen look.
  • It has powerful grinding motor can be used for grinding toughest ingredients
  • ❌ Cons
  • Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder emits some noise during operations

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