SAMSUNG 253L Double Door Refrigerator


Product- Samsung 253 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28M3424S8/HL, Elegant Inox, Inverter Compressor)

This Samsung double door refrigerator’s capacity can store a big amount of stuff for you and your family. Its unique features like all around cooling technology, a moist fresh zone, digital inverter compressor and frost-free technology work together to nutritious and delicious for long. The inverter technology helps to survive the power fluctuation conditions.

This Samsung Smart Refrigerator is a 4-star Rating product which ensures for its energy efficiency. There is a LED display on top of refrigerator adds a vanity in it. You can manage temperature settings turn on Power Cool to quickly chill recently bought items with your fingertips. There is Recessed handle and hidden hinges provided.

Samsung RT28M3424S8 frost free double door refrigerator comes with 253L capacity. This smart refrigerator works on digital inverter technology. This double door refrigerator delivers energy-efficient performance.

It emanates with a huge storage capacity to manage your store almost all your favorite food fresh inside. It automatically keeps adjusting the speed to meet the cooling required. It ensures for a trouble free and long-lasting performer refrigerator.

The Samsung refrigerator doesn’t need any supplementary stabilizer. It can efficient work reliably and also can handle voltage fluctuations with its stable operation. In the situation of high power, this function automatically cut the power off and keeping the product safe from hazards.

 Samsung 253L Double Door Refrigerator

There is a cool pack in the freezer and cool wall in the fridge keeps your fridge stored stuff chilled and to delay the rise the temperature during the power cuts with its 12-hour retention.  The cooling retention function is a save your food; it doesn’t spoil.

The power cooling and freezing function of this refrigerator provide assistance to the fridge to make ice-cube really fast. It works 31% faster than a conventional refrigerator. The power cool and power freeze rapidly deliver cold air to fast cool and freeze on demand at the touch of a button. Power cool /freeze has a movable ice maker is great up for frozen food and making ice 31% faster.

On top here is a fast ice making area called movable ice maker is a simple twist to dispense ice cubes. This freezer area is fast ice making and can come out with ice cubes in a short time period. It is also movable, so you can utilize your fridge space flexibly. Its easy-slide shelf lets you efficiently store, organize and access your groceries.

The Samsung refrigerator is ornamented with easy slide shelf, you can get food out of a refrigerator often means around items. The easy slide shelf is efficient storage and lets you organized your refrigerator stuff at easy access. You can easily get the right thing at the back or corner.

It has a door alarm also that will alert you on if the fridge is not shut properly or left open for more than 2 minutes. So, it can take action quickly and shut the door to prevent the cool air & electricity. In-door Bottle Guard is deeper than shelves generally in conventional refrigerators. The big guard is also great for chilling tall drinks bottles. These refrigerator shelves are made of toughened glass that is designed to hold a weight of up to 150 kg safely.

 Samsung 4-Star Frost Free Refrigerator

Food and drinks are quickly chilled due to its twin cooling plus system. It provides ultimate freshness with separate cool reach compartments. The moist fresh zone controls the air circulation to maintain optimal humidity. It keeps spoil-able fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

The separate evaporators allow each compartment to maintain its ideal humidity and temperature.  A tight seal blocks the moisture from bolting during low humidity and the vent eliminates excess moisture at the time of high humidity.

The all-around cooling technology is released cool air through multiple vents to maintain a uniform temperature. It plays a good role to keep your food fresh for a long duration. LED light display to let you control the temperature using the touch button which is placed on the refrigerator door. The deodorizer removes odor from the refrigerator with its powerful filters.

Having this Samsung refrigerator is a smart way to keep your food fresh longer. Samsung digital inverter twin cooling refrigerator. It features twin cooling plus system, convertible 5 in 1, power cool /freeze and cool pack. The 5 different modes which are convertible with a simple push of a button to suits your specific needs.

It has safe and durable shelves, which can stand with heavy pressure up to 150 kg. The tempered glass stores heavy items on your shelves and stay strong. The product automatically controls cooling speed to suit the cooling demand. The filtration eliminates odors from the fridge with its deodorizing filter, and keep your fridge clean and fresh. This fridge is can be opened with its recess designed handle.

The dimension of the product is 68.8 Centimeters x 55.5 Centimeters x 1.54 meters and it weights- 52. This product comes with 1-year warranty on product and 10 years warranty on compressor. This is an awesome product to buy.

Most of the certified buyers defined this as a smart choice. They reviewed this as an excellent product and recommend to buy.

Samsung 253 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28M3424S8/HL) Specifications

Specifications Details
🧾 Model No RT28M3424S8/HL
🎛️ Function Type Frost Free
🧳 Capacity 253 Liters
🚪 Door Type Double Door
🗄️ Shelf Type Wired Shelves
🔸 Dimension 55.5 X 154.5 X 63.7 cm
📝 Warranty
  • 1-Years on product
  • 10 years on compressor
  • ✅ Pros
  • This fridge has an door alarm which alert
  • The Product durability is up to mark
  • ❌ Cons
  • The product is little expensive

    Samsung 253L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28M3424S8/HL)
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