SleepX Dual mattress - Medium Soft and Hard


Everyone is unique that makes us so interesting. but one thing is we all have common is we all need a good night sleep. At SleepX supporting your good night sleep is our good habits. SleepX mattress provides you a choice when it comes to selecting your ideal mattress.

Today we are going to talk about SleepX dual queen-sized mattress. Their 20-years’ experience in designing beds and bedding products. They believe in their righteous and modern comfort technology.

The sleepX mattresses are designed with your uniqueness in mind. SleepX offers you a selection of mattresses to suit your own individual style. They believe your partner also deserves a good night sleep, they have come up with their customized choices.

Now you can choose your own side mattress. It gives you individually tailored comfort levels on a double size, king size, queen size and single size mattress. So, everybody can be satisfied and happy.

SleepX dual mattress by sleepwell is designed with a soft feel on one side and hard feel on the other side. It has adjustable firmer core on the side for better spine alignment and back support and medium soft core on the other side for soft and bouncy feel. You can choose the side you want.

SleepX Dual mattress - Medium Soft and Hard

This mattress is manufactured with high-quality material and it suits every type of body. The structure of this mattress is impressive. The rebounded foam is used as a primary material in this mattress to provide a hard surface.

The product is padded with premium fabric and top of the mattress layer is cover with foam. The soft PU foam is quilting it and delivers desired comfort.

SleepX dual mattress is coved by soft knitted fabric for swish feel. It has bordered with airmesh fabric at the side walls for better air circulation and breathability. Its advanced neem fresche technology supports for the fresher sleeping experience.

This sleepX mattress adds a beautiful look in your bedroom. The size of this queen-sized mattress is 78 x 60 inches. This mattress is the perfect choice for a family of 2 people or couples.

This SleepX queen size mattress is ideal for the people who are looking for dual side mattress. Medium soft and medium hard mattress sides are covered by premium quality quilted fabric.

To provide maximum ease with your pressure points, the foam of the mattress proposes luxurious comfort and support. Both of the sides of mattress is pretty good, so you can choose the side and sleep throughout the night peaceably.

SleepX Dual mattress foam structure

SleepX mattress is delivered to your doorstep in a pre-assembled state and doesn’t require any assembly. This 5-inch thick mattress is best in use and delivers a good sleep. This mattress is protected by 3-years manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase and 10-days replacement warranty.

If you prefer sleeping on a medium hard mattress during season change and soft during mood changes or whatever your preferences are, then you are on the right track. This dual soft and hard mattress by SleepX is made for you.

This mattress is not for those who have been tackling with body pains and backache. It is not a good fit for your bedroom. Otherwise, it works fantastically for snoring and other condition.

The mattress has a good surface on both of sides with a firmer staple at one side for better spine alignment and your back-support and on the other side, a medium soft extract for feeling soft. Made by premium material and innovative sleep technology solution this mattress has earned a good reputation in the market.

Be careful and play smart and save your money. In the market, you will purchase this product at the market price but it is available online with great discount. You can buy this mattress from or any other e-commerce web site. The product has won its users heart and earned 4.7 stars out of 5 by more than 1000 customers. It will never be going to disappoint you.

It is enriched by positive feedback from its customers. Complemented with attractive color and finest fabric, this mattress also has available at a good cost. A good choice and a perfect buy.

SleepX Dual mattress - Medium Soft and Hard (78 x 60 x 5 Inches) Specifications

Specifications Details
🛏️ Size Queen Size
🔁 Style Free standing
🎛️ Primary material foam
🔸 Dimension 198.1 x 152.4 x 12.7 cm
🧱 Weight 20.5 Kg
📝 Warranty 3 years manufacturer warranty
✅ Pros
  • Purchasing of this mattress is budget-friendly and economical
  • The mattress has got air mesh fabric on its sidewalls for good air circulation
  • Comes with dual side to aid comfort and support
  • ❌ Cons
  • It is not a good option for people who are facing back pain issues
  • This mattress doesn't come with free night trials where ohter retailers offers their best

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