Sunflame 60cm 1100m3/hr Ductless Chimney (Innova 60AC)


Product- SUNFLAME 60cm 1100 m3/hr Ductless Chimney (Innova 60 AC, 2 Baffle+Charcoal Filters, Touch Control, Steel/Grey)

Sunflame is an established and very popular brand in the current Indian home appliances market scenario. It sells various items under the category LED bulbs, fans, emergency lanterns, room heaters, water heaters, oven toaster griller, chimneys and more. It is a household brand which is working in this field efficiently from more than the last three decades.

The Sunflame brand doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to kitchen chimneys. It has been in the presented in the market from a long run and you can expect quality performance from the brand. The Sunflame Innova 60 AC auto-clean hood chimney is engineered by quality material and advanced techniques, which made one step forward in this challenging market.

For today's modern kitchen, the designer chimney of Sunfleme is a decent match robust motor, powerful suctioning pressure, LED lights, feather touch control and more in a sleek design. To ridding your kitchen from all the smokes and bad smells efficiently, this Sunflame kitchen chimney is a perfect choice.

The Innova 60 AC adds beauty and elegance to your kitchen space, it is beautifully designed, the body of the chimney is crafted with toughened curved glass and stainless-steel finish hood which guarantees for long-lasting life and durability.

This Sunflame chimney is available in 60 cm size which suitable for a cooking platform with 2-4 burner stove. It covers all the burners area properly, and there are no escaping steams from its suction.

Sunflame wall mounted kitchen chimney

This wall mounted kitchen chimney ensures your kitchen stays odor-free. It is decked with suction capacity of 1100 m3/h and it is the best fit for 200 square feet. It is completely worth with its suction capacity even when you are doing heavy frying or grilling.

The chimney is efficient to serve low noise operations with its powerful motor. The maximum noise the product emits only 62 dB. It prevents smoke from escaping the chimney which keeps the kitchen fresh and removes all the odors.

The Sunflame chimney has combined with thermal auto-clean technology. The innovative heat auto clean technology helps in getting rid of oil and smoke residue which affects the suction capacity of the chimney.

Sunflame brands decorated with baffle filter along with a charcoal filter. The stainless-steel baffle filter collects oil and other reside gets collects in the smartly designed oil collector. Stainless-steel is anti-scarring and stain-repellent in nature, it makes the chimney sturdy and easy to maintain.

The baffle filter allows the air to move freely between the filters. It requires minimum maintenance and is easy to use.  
The Innova 60 AC chimney doesn’t need another vent for its operations. The chimney also has a charcoal filter which empowers ductless operation for kitchen without external vent.

The feather touch control provides you with the freedom to operate the chimney with one smooth touch without making efforts. It enables ease of operation to create a perfect environment in the kitchen. It is designed to convey the best user experience and easy use.

Innova 60 AC has 2 LED energy-efficient lights, it dispenses a perfect amount of light to keep your kitchen area bright and heat-free during cooking. These LED lamps are energy efficient and consume less power during operation.

This auto-clean kitchen chimney with its unique and exciting features delivers superior absorption of grime and smoke-free cooking atmosphere.
It is made of stainless-steel, means safe from rust and durable. Use the chimney with the assurance that the kitchen will stay fresh all the time. It will never let your kitchen smell bad with its great suction capacity.

The Sunflame chimney is loaded with supreme features and unbeatable performance. The stainless-steel body adds a beautiful spark to your kitchen. Maintaining the product stays easy with its thermal auto clean technology, it is sufficient to remove grease, oil and another residue formed inside the chimney and cleanse it with just one touch.

The Sunflame chimney is packed with 2 years warranty on the baffle filter is suitable for all Indian kitchens and requires cleaning every 6 months while the charcoal filter enables ductless operation.

Innova 60 chimneys are shaped for your modular kitchen, functioned with innovative technologies it works fantastically. The looks and performance of the product are good but it is a little noisy during operation.

The product uses 230 units of power for the operations. The best kitchen chimney brand presented chimney protects your other kitchen stuff, walls and cabinets from getting dirty by sticky food vapor. It absorbs all the odor and smoke from the kitchen and left it with freshness.

The Sunflame (Innova 60 AC) 60cm 1100 m3/hr ductless chimney is robust and reliable has enriched with good feedback from their users. I visited many certified buyers they are happy with the Sunflame product working but not happy with its service. To hold the customers long they have to work on their services.

Overall in the Indian kitchen for a ling while Sunflame has constantly worked hard to deliver homemakers the latest in technology and making coking a luxurious and pleasurable experience. The products performs quite well and established a good relationship with its customers.

Sunflame (Innova 60 AC) 60cm 1100 m3/hr ductless chimney Specification

Specifications Details
🧾 Model No Innova 60 AC
🧽 Cleaning Auto-clean
🥌 Size 60 cm
🔁 Suction Capacity 1100 m3/hour
📢 noise 62 db
📝 Warranty 2 years on Product
✅ Pros
  • Chimney comes with high suction power
  • Packed with powerful Baffle And Charcoal Filter
  • ❌ Cons
  • Not a good fit for more than 200 sqft kitchens area
  • It emits little noise

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