Supples Baby Pants Diapers


Product- Supples Baby Pants Diapers, Large, 62 count

Supples Baby Pant diapers keeps the baby comfortable in the day-time as well as in night. It has used cottony soft material that is gentle on baby’s skin keeping their precious skin perfect.

These pants are easy to pull up and remove, it absorbs up to 12 hours. It has made from non-woven, soft, zig-zag channel top layer creates a large absorbing area, the bottom layer consists of gel magnate which absorbs the large amount of liquid, and breathable material that is gentle on baby’s skin.

The dimension of the product is 32*11.4*34 cm and weights 31.8 g. This product is manufacture’s Minimum suggested age is 9 months and maximum weight recommendation 14 kg.

The users define the product is worth every single penny, it is from manufacturer of snuggles, with similar print and better product. Most of the time when they use diaper for their kids, they look for that its rashes free and skin friendly and that product fulfill this requirement for the customer.

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