The Diary of a Young Girl by ANNE FRANK


This book is a diary of a young girl named Anna Frank, a Jewish young girl of 13 years. This  diary was written during second World-War, she wrote the diary from the period 14 June, 1942 to 1 August, 1944.

Anna wrote in her diary about the atrocities of war times, people's sufferings, she explained how lives would be tortured and how families would be shattered.

She was from a Jewish family. She started her diary from her 13th birthday, when she received it. Anna talks about the social situations in Amsterdam. During the Nazi occupation of Netherlands, Anne with family, to escape had to hide in an annex in their office building and they share the space with another family.

To Anne Frank, who doesn’t have any true friends and feels alone, the diary was her friend and companion. She named her diary 'Kitty' and entries in the diary begin with “My dear Kitty. She writes about her beliefs, her friends, her school and her boyfriend Peter in her diary. Anne and her family were captured by the Nazis and taken to a concentration camp where she passed away. This diary was later recovered by her father. In her diary she mentions her desire of publishing a book based on her diary, Anne’s Father took it upon himself as his duty to make his daughter’s dream come true.

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